Angel Reading

I am a Certified Intuitive Angel Guide, having graduated from Kathleen Elmore’s Angel Guide School of Light in February 2008 and Advanced Angel school in 2011.


Your Angels are just waiting to provide guidance and assistance! Angel communications are a way to receive valuable information from your Angels whether it is channeling every day life issues or big life events. With an Angel reading, you can focus on a question or simply be open to receiving the most important information that your Angels would like to convey. When you open to a reading, the Angels take the opportunity to flood you with information.

Angel readings are done using angel cards while incorporating channeled messages from your angelic team. My clients are always pleasantly surprised at the confirmations that they receive from the angels during a reading.

The Angels are happy to help!

All you have to do is ask!

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records contains the records of all the lifetimes of all the souls who have ever incarnated on this planet. We are here to learn life lessons, and having knowledge of some of our past lives will enable us to better learn our current life lessons.


Usually 3-5 lives are revealed, depending on how many lives your guides feel you are ready to receive. Assimilation will have to do with acceptance, learning the lessons, and not being affected by the past life anymore.


Note, this is a past life reading, not a past life regression. You will not be reliving an event - taken to a place where you could be traumatized or put under stress. I will retrieve the information from your Akashic Record and relay it to you gently.


An Akashic Records reading can be deeply healing to your soul, and to the physical, emotional and mental bodies allowing for transformational shifts to occur.

Available in person or distance via telephone or Skype.

Toe Reading

What do your toes have to tell you about your GREATNESS?! Toe reading shares information from your toes to assist you in your life's journey. 

Send me a photo of your toes and receive a ten toe written overview of what your toes have to say.

Do you know that each toe is associated with an element?

Big toe = Ether toe also known as the Destiny toe

Second toe = Air toe also known as the Communication toe

Middle toe = Fire toe also known as the "Get it Done" toe

Fourth toe = Water toe also known as the Relationship toe

Baby toe = Earth toe also known as the Abundance and Trust toes

Learn what the size and shape of your toes and toenails mean, as well as any marks or coloring, bumps and bruises... Do you know that freckles on your toes are called "Angel Kisses"?

After submitting payment, send photo of your feet flat to the floor to: I look forward to sharing what your toes have to say about your journey with you!

Instructed and certified by Pamela Cushman, June 2013



Vilma Hermosa


Today I want to be sure you know how very much you're appreciated. You were the angel I needed when you read my Angel cards. Your kindness made a difference and your thoughtfulness touched my heart.


Vilma Hermosa


"Had a fabulous Toe Reading last week from the AHmazing Andrea at Infinity Bliss! I had never heard of them before - but once I received the report - it was pretty spot on! RECOMMEND! Thanks Andrea Johnson! That was FUN!!! Love, Angel."

Vilma Hermosa

Vilma Hermosa

Vilma Hermosa

"My angel card reading was so on point... my toe reading was so interesting... I am still trying to process it all. It is so amazing what our body tells us about ourselves. With that being said, Andrea is so amazing and so on point with her readings. Both readings tied so nicely together. Thank you so much for the readings."

Cecilia Perez

Cecilia Perez

Vilma Hermosa

"This has been the MOST exciting experience in my life!!! I never told anybody that I wanted to know who I was in a past life, and you were able to answer ALL of those unanswered questions! Now I understand why I went to live in the Dominican Republic for a year and being so happy of being there not knowing why, and feeling connected with so many people who treated me like family. Nowadays, I feel this urge of going back again for vacations. During the session, I felt that my arms were moving like wings and that I was flying the whole time that the session lasted. I feel very happy, and that the cloud of sadness, pain, unhappiness and loneliness was removed away from me. In my heart, I have been feeling that the sun is shinning all the time. Also, having my abuela there with me, made my day! :) it brought so many memories :) Thank you so much Andrea."

Pat C

Cecilia Perez

Pat C

"Hi Andrea - I just wanted to give to you some feedback from your reading yesterday. The results are amazing - I am still sad and definitely missing (my departed loved one) but I am not overwhelmed. I was actually able to cancel his cell phone and his cable tv accounts. I had not been able to do this before. Now I feel like I can do things and it is OK. In fact, I feel him laughing at my actions. I am using lots of Archangel Michael spray -I feel so much better. Also I remembered that he used to have a Cocker Spaniel as a kid. I remember him telling me that his older brother teased the pup a lot - to the point of being mean. So the pup came to see the nice brother????? Interesting the little guy was there. Thanks so much for your help and for the gift of the reading."